Note the nice things writers have said about Marnie

“It was indeed a pleasure working with Note Editorial. Marnie made the process of editing and publishing ‘There are Fairies’ understandable, simple and fun. Her experience and knowledge along with her passion brought sophistication and professionalism to the project and helped immensely in making the two ‘Fairies’ books successful.”

Mary Scattergood, Author and Illustrator, There are Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden and Shelagh McRuvie, Marketing and Promotions for Burnham Publications


“I had the opportunity to work with Marnie Ferguson on my book Total Liberation and Freedom. As editor and proofreader, Marnie was helpful and supportive, prompt in her responses to any questions that arose and she always showed outstanding professionalism. She really takes pride in her work and I would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in publishing their book.

Pastor Ezechiel, Church Minister, biblical counsellor, author.


“I had the privilege of working with Marnie on my most recent manuscript. Marnie’s wealth of experience in the book industry shines through in her work. She has a true understanding of storytelling and how the elements of voice, structure and pacing come together to make a good novel. She is enthusiastic about writers, and clearly there to help them write better books. She was both fast and thorough, and I can tell that she loves what she’s doing! I found her comments invaluable and I know that my book would not be as strong as it is without her support. I would certainly come back to her with any of my future projects.”

Sidura Ludwig, author of Holding My Breath


“Marnie Ferguson read my work after the first draft was completed and offered suggestions for plot and character improvements as well as pointing out grammatical errors made on a consistent basis. She was careful to couch any criticisms with a great deal of praise to soothe the worried ego of a new writer, and encouraged me to not give up.

Marnie’s many years of experience in the industry provides her with the skills to give great advice on how to present and garnish attention for any work in an increasingly competitive industry. She helped me with a cover letter, synopsis, and summary. No matter how good the novel, if your cover letter gets thrown in the trash, your masterpiece will never see the light of day.

Marnie offers great advice and editorial services in an encouraging manner that makes working with her a delight. ”

Barbara Munro, a timid and frightened writer no longer


“Marnie’s extensive experience in bookselling, instinctive eye for a good story and refreshing editorial insights have all greatly benefited me as an author attempting to navigate my way through the quagmire of today’s publishing industry. She is not only astute and shrewd, but has a balanced sense of what readers like and are looking for, which is truly a crucial and valuable asset these days. But it is her clear objectivity — and I say this as her brother! — that shines through. Publishing today is fraught with glib agents, tyrannical big publishers, quaintly near-sighted small presses and opportunistic self-publishing companies, so it’s uplifting to find a professional who not only knows the whole business, but has exactly the right sort of perception to help author like me slog through to terra firma. Any author would be very lucky to work with her. ”

Robert Warren Ferguson, author of The Devil and the Disappearing Sea