You have completed your writing project.


Now What?

Whether you plan to publish your work now or at some time in the future, the best first step is to have a knowledgeable and unbiased reader ensure that the writing is clear, concise, suited to your audience and the best it can be. This is where the right editor becomes your best support.

This may be your first book, only book or the start of a series. It may be a memoir or the academic work you have been working on for much of your career. It may be content you will publish on your new website.

Start with an assessment. At note, we understand that each piece of work is unique, and we customize our evaluation to meet your individual needs.

We read your work with a keen eye for editorial correctness, organizational and contextual suitability, and we provide you with a detailed written evaluation.

book assessment

We answer all of your questions, explain our detailed assessment and provide you with suggested “next steps.” We are supportive, knowledgeable and professional – and we like to have fun too.

“I have had the privilege of working with Marnie Ferguson for my first book, Regaining Who You Are ~ Finding the Light In Your Soul.   I had no experience at all with writing a book, except for a deep passion to have my work come to life.   Marnie’s patience, professionalism, and expertise gave life to my material in away that truly reflected who I was.   She walked with me through the journey of organizing and refining my manuscript, in a way that makes the topic of Spirituality easily understandable for someone who has not experienced this topic.

I would not just recommend Marnie, as an excellent editor, but also as a companion in working together to making your dreams a reality.   Thank you so much Marnie”

Cindy Matychak

“I had the privilege of working with Marnie on my most recent manuscript. Marnie’s wealth of experience in the book industry shines through in her work. She has a true understanding of storytelling and how the elements of voice, structure and pacing come together to make a good novel. She is enthusiastic about writers, and clearly there to help them write better books. She was both fast and thorough, and I can tell that she loves what she’s doing! I found her comments invaluable and I know that my book would not be as strong as it is without her support. I would certainly come back to her with any of my future projects.”

Sidura Ludwig

Author of Hiolding My Breath