Beautiful books are a passion of mine. Many books I own are cherished both for their words, and for their beauty. How a book feels, looks and how easy the print is on eyes can really make a difference to my reading experience. By the same token, shoddy, lazy or inappropriate book design can be huge turn-off. Read on for a great quote from typographer and author, Robert Bringhurst about how a well-made book can come alive.

“In a badly designed book, the letters mill and stand like starving horses in a field. In a book designed by rote, they sit like stale bread and mutton on the page. In a well-made book, where designer, compositor and printer have all done their jobs, no matter how many thousands of lines and pages, the letters are alive. They dance in their seats. Sometimes they rise and dance in the margins and aisles.”

Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographical Style

When working with an author to develop his or her book for publication, we in turn work with a talented and experienced book designer. Thanks to her, my clients’ books look attractive, professional and stand out on the bookstore shelf.

Good book design is often, like most aspects of book production, invisible to the reader, but it makes reading the book that much more enjoyable. Authors spend hours writing — and rewriting their book to get it just right. When it’s time to publish it, professional page layout and typesetting, appropriate font type and size, line spacing, and especially a compelling cover design can make all the difference to your book being noticed, considered, purchased and enjoyed. It also makes it a pleasure to market and promote.