The most common question asked by authors is “How can I publish my work?”

There are two choices — mainstream publishing and self-publishing, also called indie publishing. At note we assist you with understanding the pros and cons of both. We can help you decide which option would be the best choice for you and your project and work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Here are some questions to consider when weighing your options:

  • For whom are you publishing the book? Will you be giving the book away or do you want to sell it? If you want to sell it, how will you reach your prospective customers?
  • If you are thinking about self-publishing, have you considered the time and resources required to complete the project?
  • How much control do you want over the project? Are you happy to pass it along to a publisher, or are you intent on overseeing the design, marketing and availability of the book?
  • Is your book a hobby or a money-making venture?
  • Do you have a timeline for the work? Does the book need to be available in time for a special event?
  • If you hope to have the book published by a mainstream publisher, have you researched publishers who may be interested?
  • Have you submitted your manuscript to publishers and literary agents and not had a response or been rejected? (You are not alone! This happens all the time.) If so, are you prepared to make changes to the content or the proposal for the work?

A consultation with note is a great place to start when exploring your options. We provide you with information without bias or influence. We are here to guide, inform and assist.

Just give us a call.

“It was indeed a pleasure working with Note Editorial. Marnie made the process of editing and publishing ‘There are Fairies’ understandable, simple and fun. Her experience and knowledge along with her passion brought sophistication and professionalism to the project and helped immensely in making the two ‘Fairies’ books successful.”


Mary Scattergood, Author and Illustrator, There are Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden and Shelagh McRuvie, Marketing and Promotions for Burnham Publications

“Marnie’s extensive experience in bookselling, instinctive eye for a good story and refreshing editorial insights have all greatly benefited me as an author attempting to navigate my way through the quagmire of today’s publishing industry.

She is not only astute and shrewd, but has a balanced sense of what readers like and are looking for, which is truly a crucial and valuable asset these days. But it is her clear objectivity — and I say this as her brother! — that shines through.

Publishing today is fraught with glib agents, tyrannical big publishers, quaintly near-sighted small presses and opportunistic self-publishing companies, so it’s uplifting to find a professional who not only knows the whole business, but has exactly the right sort of perception to help author like me slog through to terra firma. Any author would be very lucky to work with her. ”

Robert Warren Ferguson, author of The Devil and the Disappearing Sea